Chicken Jerky Skewers Dog Treat


Chicken Jerky Skewers Dog Treat made in USA with all natural cowhide

*All natural, made and sourced in USA, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors.  


All Natural, Best taste, and Great Nutrients!

Our Chicken Jerky Skewers Dog Treat made in USA is made from 100% natural chicken breast fillets. Our highly nutritious treat will satisfy your friends!


All natural cowhide chew will provide joyful chewing time for your pet. Our Chicken Jerky Skewers Dog Treat made in USA will not only last longer, but also will help to clean tartar and massage gums!


Packed with tons of protein but lean in fat! Made from natural and lean chicken breast fillet to give not only the burst of flavor but also a happy and healthy snack time for your lovable friend.