Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix

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Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix

*All natural, made and sourced in USA, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors.


All Natural, Best Taste, and Great Nutrients!

Our Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix is made from 9 different fresh vegetables and herbs! Packed with all natural sourced vitamins, fiber, and minerals that lack in regular dog foods. No grains, additives, or coloring agents, just healthy and fresh ingredients. Our Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix is simply a great addition to any pet food!


Instructions: Simply add a scoop of Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix into hot water and mix it with any pet food. Soft, chewy, and flavorful vegetables and herbs will be delicious and healthy!


Our Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix contains parsley, sweet potato, beets, peas, carrots, zucchinis, papaya leaves, peppermint leaves, and potatoes.


Simply add a scoop of Luxury Vegetable Dry Mix to hot water and this healthy and nutritional meal will be ready in 8 minutes! With more than 9 kinds of vegetables and herbs, this delightful mix will be the healthiest source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals for any pets!