Oven Roasted Premium Duck Jerky


Oven Roasted Premium Duck Jerky dog treat made in USA

*All natural, made and sourced in USA, no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors.


All natural, Best taste, and Great nutrients!

Made from only ducks over 4 pounds, 100% natural duck jerky is oven-roasted, and dried in low temperature for more than 12 hours to capture all the meaty flavor and nutrients!


Naturally lean in fat and high in protein, our Oven Roasted Premium Duck Jerky dog treat made in USA will make perfect rewards for your lovely pet. Meaty, delicious premium duck fillet!


Packed with tons of protein and nutrients and lean in fat. There is nothing better than oven-roasted duck jerky! Our Oven Roasted Premium Duck Jerky dog treat made in USA is made from premium quality duck breast fillet. Our mouthwatering premium snack will be perfect treat for your happy friends!